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  • The 5,000 Mile Salad - Power Trip: The Story of Energy
  • The 5,000-Mile Salad (1:30) 
    Energy makes it possible to have fruits and vegetables in season year-round.
  • How Did We Pump Water Without Electricity? (2:12)
    How much work does it take to pump water out of the ground if you don’t have electricity?
  • The Water Wealth of Versailles (1:38)
    Today, fancy cars and private airplanes are symbols of wealth, but before modern energy, displaying water was a sign of wealth.
  • What is a Smart City? (2:39)
    Former Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and Monica L. Smith, author of Cities: The First 6,000 Years, explain this somewhat vague term.
  • Hauling Water is Hard! (1:28)
    Before modern energy, water had to be lifted by either forces of nature or feats of engineering.
  • The Lamplighters of London (1:34)
    Before electric street lights, gas lamps lit the way, and not just anyone could light them.