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Season 2 Episode Guide

Season Two of “Power Trip: the Story of Energy” continues the journey around the world through the past, present and future of energy. Each episode uncovers the hidden energy embedded in our modern way of life, revealed as the underlying force that carries us to SPACE, causes large scale energy DISASTERS, transforms WORK, CULTURE, and ENTERTAINMENT, and drives GLOBALIZATION. 

Modern energy takes us on a journey to space: the final frontier. This episode traces the history of space travel, with a focus on the energy innovations making it possible. Lifting off into space depends on modern energy, and surviving in space also requires energy. Energy is required at every step in space exploration, and new forms of energy must be developed to reach other star systems.  Space exploration lets us examine earth-bound energy challenges like climate change.

From oil spills and coal mine explosions to dam failures and nuclear meltdowns, we can learn much from disasters related to energy. At the same time, energy is the key to solving natural disasters and the looming disaster of climate change. In what ways does energy make our lives safer or more dangerous?

Modern energy transformed work over time. From farm to factory to office and the “work from home” revolution, energy is embedded in our systems of employment. What is the future of energy and work?

Culture and modern energy go hand in hand. Our fashion, music, and art all have been impacted by modern energy. Wealthy industrialists with fortunes made from energy funded much of modern culture, using energy systems to spread culture across the globe. 

Entertainment both shapes and reflects our attitudes about energy. Modern energy enabled mass entertainment like popular music, movies, TV shows, and video games, which impacted our society. Energy changed sports with climate control and modern lighting, and amusement parks help familiarize customers with energy breakthroughs.

Learn how energy enabled rapid globalization, both as both a widely-traded product and as a facilitator for moving goods globally. In the ancient world, globalization was always a goal, but modern forms of energy provided the missing link.