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Bill Gutman, Ph.D.

Director of Aerospace Operations, Spaceport America

Dr. Bill Gutman was the Director of Aerospace Operations at Spaceport America from October 2009 to his retirement in September 2022. Prior to becoming director, he provided technical support for the development of the spaceport since the mid 1990s through a contract with New Mexico State University. As Aerospace Operations Director, his major responsibilities were to oversee flight safety, to facilitate customer operations, to maintain the FAA launch site operator license, and to assist with infrastructure planning and development.

Prior to joining the spaceport, Dr. Gutman was employed by the New Mexico State University Physical Science Laboratory and worked on diverse projects such as research in propagation of high power laser radiation, investigation of the optical properties of military smoke materials, development of optical in- strumentation systems, and development of risk assessment methodologies for aviation and space launch systems. Dr. Gutman earned his Ph.D. in optical and molecular physics from Ohio State University.

Image Credits: Alpheus Media

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