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Deborah Navarro

Co-Founder, Guadaloop Project

Deborah was born in a tiny border town at the tip of Texas with a population of roughly 3,000 people. Without the internet or much to do, she became passionate about connecting the world and empowering people from all wakes of life. She is most notable for her work on the Hyperloop, the proposed 5th mode of transportation, as popularized by Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX. The Hyperloop is a system of tubes, above or below ground, in which a pod (vehicle) can travel without friction or air resistance due to its vacuum state. SpaceX and the Boring company are currently building Hyperloop networks across the U.S that will facilitate pod travel. Deborah works with a brilliant team of engineers from Texas Guadaloop. Together, they took home the Innovation award at SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Comp II for their breakthroughs in air levitation. Deborah also aims to augment the relationship between technology, sustainability, and artificial intelligence by building products that are mindful of their position in the environment and implementing them in a way that allows them to communicate and couple with other technology. Outside of the grind, you can find Deborah with her eyes in a book, riding her moped, meditating, and enjoying time with dear friends.

Image Credits: Alpheus Media

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