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Jonathan Kuntz, Ph.D.

Lecturer, UCLA

Film historian Jonathan Kuntz (Ph.D. '82), studied psychology at UC Berkeley (B.A. '72) and UCLA (M.A. '74) before earning a Ph.D. in Film and Television at the UCLA College of Fine Arts. A widely respected expert on Hollywood cinema and the development of the studio system, Kuntz has welcomed several generations of students to the study of cinema with his popular undergraduate course on the history of the American motion picture, offered every quarter. Kuntz has appeared in numerous documentaries on American film history as an expert on film production and exhibition, and has contributed to The New York Times

Known for his encyclopedic knowledge, Kuntz has been quoted in the media on many topics from the careers of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe to the effects of the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm.

Image Credits: Alpheus Media