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Lt. Col. Corey James, Ph.D.

Academy Professor, United States Military Academy

LTC Corey James is an Academy Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Life Science responsible for teaching, scholarship, and leadership in Academy and Department matters. He currently serves as the Assistant Program Director for the Chemical Engineering program where he develops new curriculum and ensures rigor, fairness, and accreditation. He also serves as the Department Safety Officer, Strategic Communications Officer, and on USMA-wide committees: Curriculum, Faculty Council, and senior faculty searches. He mentors ten cadets as a Department Academic Counselor (DAC) and serves as the head Hockey Officer Representative as well as the SCUBA Team Officer-in-Charge. He leads the Energy Systems Group consisting of three faculty members and five undergraduate researchers developing novel chemical engineering research that develops cadets while improving the scholarly body of work in the field of optimization and process control as they relate to energy systems.

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